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Running Gear for 5300 Series Forage Boxes
Wagons and trailers, single and tandem axles
The trailer is extremely well built with a massive main beam (heavy wall structural steel tubing) running the full length of the trailer. This supports a heavy framework of structural steel tubing which easily supports the full weight of the load.
17 ton wagon
The 17 ton wagon was designed specifically for use with forage boxes. Miller Pro has designed this wagon to accept large tires, such as 4.45 x 22.5 super single truck tires, while still keeping the majority of the tire under the forage box and maintaining an impressive 56 degree turning radius. Riser kits are not needed with this wagon!
15 ton receiver box trailer
Miller Pro has designed a tandem axle trailer to be used with receiver boxes. This system is a great way to transport forage quickly and smoothly through fields while placing no twisting strain at all on the forage box while going through waterways and field approaches. In normal field conditions, it is possible to go a gear or two faster than with a conventional steerable wagon!
Superior stability and tracking
superior stability and trackingDynamic flexibility of the open-bottomed steel C-section center reach eliminates the need for a sloppy collar, used in round tube designs. Reaches are made of EX-TEN® steel, 67% stronger than conventional steel to insure high strength along with flexibility. Combine this with 80 inch wide stance and ball joint automotive type steering, and the result is the farming industry’s most steady-towing running gear. Tandem rear axle models increase stability on rough terrain. Tandem rear axle models 12TT-6, 14TT-8 and 18TT-8 provide added stability over rough terrain.
Easy setup and maintenance
easy setup and maintenanceThe adjustable wheelbase and the optional bolster width kit allow you to adapt the gear for most farm transport needs. The telepole extends a full 24 inches for easy tractor hookup.
Rugged engineered design
rugged engineered designHeavy duty tubular and formed steel components and weldments put strength and flexibility at critical points. Electrostatically applied, oven dried paint finishes resist corrosion. Wheel hubs and spindles are configured to meet load capacity requirements. C-section center reach fits snugly into formed steel channels of bolster weldments for length
Hub and spindle configuration
hub and spindle configurationHub and spindle configuration, along with wheel and tire ratings determine capacity. 6-bolt hubs fit the 2inch spindles, and heavier duty 8-bolt hubs fit 2-1/4, 2-3/4 and 3 inch spindles.
Tapered ball joint automotive type steering
tapered ball joint automotive type steeringTapered ball joint automotive type steering and replaceable bronze bushings at all pivot areas have grease fittings at all pivot points. Tapered heat treated sleeves welded to the steering arms minimize loosening wear.
Extendable telepole
extendable tele poleExtendable telepole has a convenient handle at the hitch. 96 inch standard length. Extends 24 inches for easy hookup.Easy-lift spring counterbalances telepole for reduced effort when hitching to tractor.
Short turning radius with tight tolerances
short turning radiusMachined pivot pins versus bolts insure continued close tolerances. All pivot pins are set in replaceable bronze bushings with grease fittings for longer life.All models have a short turning radius. Trunion steering for 17 ton model.
 Trailer Specifications
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Wagon Specifications
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