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Art's Way 6105 Grinder Mixer

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Art’s Way 6105 Grinder Mixer now has 36 additional hammers – doubling the number of hammers to 72 – to run faster grinding speeds and deliver a more consistent grind for excellent feed rations.
Faster Unloading

The 8-inch diameter unload system quickly discharges feed reducing time and labor costs. All unload discharge augers are run by hydraulic orbit motors that provide high performance torque for maximum operating power.
Versatile Components

The slop gate is hydraulically operated with operator selectable positioning.

Designed to use both manure and forage.
Move More Feed Faster

The electric tank gate opens wide to accommodate increased feed flow into the 10 ft. discharge auger tube.

The 6140 Grinder Mixer features a self-contained hydraulic auger feed and unloading auger. The lift and swing of the discharge auger is operated by your tractor hydraulics.
High Capacity Grinding Action

20 in. one-piece hammermill design with 72 4-way reversible knives provides a more consistent grind for improved feed rations. Exceptional grinding capacity. Positive belt drive: Six double V-belts provide positive drive to the 20 in. hammermill.
Incredible Hydraulic Power

Self-contained hydraulic system operates auger feed and unload auger.

Hydraulic lift cylinder for ease of use and less maintenance.

Electric tank gate opens wide to accommodate increased flow.

Tank and Frame

Tank capacity  105 bushel (130.7 cu. ft.)
PTO drive  540 RPM
HP requirement  40-100 HP
Feeder  gravity hopper or feed auger
Auger feeder length 96 in. 
Auger feeder auger diameter  10 in.
Hammermill width  20 in.
Grinder drive  6 double V-belts
Grinder hammers  72 hardened 4-way reversible
Grinder screen area  600 sq. in.
Screens  13 (1/8 in. to 2 in.)
Diameter of mixing auger 

12 in. diameter flighting
13 in. tube
24 in. base

Unloading auger tube diameter  8 in.
Unloading auger standing reach at 60 degree

Standard – no extension  16 ft. 8 in.
3 ft. fold extension  19 ft. 3 in.
6 ft. fold extension  22 ft.

Unloading auger  316 degrees horizontal, infinite vertical
Tires  10 x 15 – 8 ply rib implement
Supplement hopper 21 in. x 24 in.
Overall height   8 ft. 10 in. (106 in.)
Overall width without auger feeder  7 ft. 11 in. (95 in.)
Overall length  14 ft. 2 in. (170 in.)
Approx. weight without auger feeder  3540 lbs.
Ground clearance  10 in.

 Standard Features
  • 105-bushel tank
  • One piece 20 in. hammermill, 72 reversible hammers
  • Four large inspection windows in tank
  • Tongue jack
  • Ladder and fenders
  • 10:00 x 15 – 8 ply tires
  • Throat magnet – #4 x 18 in. (24″)
  • Ingredient supplement hopper with sack cutter
  • Heavy duty implement drive line
  • Weigh bars and spindles
  • Hydraulic auger feeder
  • Swing arm scale support
  • Scale systems
  • Folding and bolt-on discharge auger extensions
  • Grinder screens
  • Hydraulic roll feed
  • Hydraulic discharge auger



6105 Grinder Mixer
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Art's Way


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